Remember that all boats must be registered with the Catalan Water Agency (ACA) to have the permission of navigability.


Navigability regulations
The Catalan Water Agency (ACA), attached to the Department of Territory and Sustainability of the Generalitat of Catalonia, was born 15 years ago as a public company responsible for planning and managing the water cycle in Catalonia.
The Catalan Water is financed mainly through the water rate (which entered into force on 1 April 2000), a tax that applies on the environmental aspect received water or liquid directly to the Agency some specific users.
Revenues coming from the water tax and other revenues are allocated to ensure the smooth running of the hotel • Facilities of the water cycle, the operation and construction of wastewater treatment plants or other water infrastructure, subsidies for the improvement of supply and to carry out activities of monitoring, protection and preservation of water environment.
Thus, it is essential to navigate the river Fluvià (included in the category of inland waters) that each vessel has the Declaration of Responsibility and paid the appropriate fee.
In this case, the Yacht Club Sant Pere Pescador is the intermediary between users of the Port and the Catalan Water Agency. From here we get to the ACA, all statements of responsibility along with the amount of each fee, in order to facilitate and streamline procedures.
All those who have signed up, paid the fee, and submitted the affidavit have been authorized by the ACA, will carry out the boating and recreational irrigation Sirvent and lower reaches of the river Fluvià, in the municipality of San Pere Pescador in accordance with the following guidelines:
1. The owner of this sol • Application must pay the fee for using public water goods.
2. The owner of the vessel will be responsible for provision of the necessary qualifications for handling this as well as the corresponding insurance policy in force.
3. Do not exceed 3 knots in navigating the river Fluvià.
4. anchoring is prohibited in all sections of the river Fluvià Sirvent and rec, except for areas and install • Fixed facilities established for this purpose, unless it is a mooring point.
5. It is not allowed to sail right bank of the integral reserve of Caramany Island.
6. Night navigation is forbidden, except in cases expressly authorized.
7. Establishing such as the following procedure mandatory cleaning and disinfection of vessels as a preventive measure of the spread of invasive species.
a. Remove the remains of vegetation out of the water.
b. Dry inside the boat.
c. Clean with chlorinated water. "
8. prohibited navigation watercraft Tranche I Fluvià